MASSIVE Conversions In The Flatulence Cure Niche Paying 75% Commission & Making Affiliates Up To $2.71 Per Click

Updated July 27th, 2012

Hi Affiliates,

Sorry for updating this page late. I have tried to make sure everything was top notch before I put it here for you guys. I know you work hard to generate targeted traffic and I don't want it to go waste.

I want to assure you that Flatulence Cure does and will always offer 75% to its affiliates. You have my word.

The front end product sells for $27 and you get around $20 (after ClickBank's fees and my 25% share)... We're also just added a high converting back-end you get 75% of too.

You can get started promoting right away! Just replace "AFFILIATE" with your ClickBank username in the link below.

ClickBank's affiliate tracking cookies are valid for 60 days so you'll get 75% on every sale that you make... Even if it's made weeks later from the prospects initial visit to the site.

My Affiliates are my biggest asset.

Continuous improvements and split testing is being done with The Flatulence Cure. We have used one of the best copywriters for the sales page and already have a high converting page. It currently converts at 1:38 with general traffic and even up to 1:8 for certain affiliates that send laser targeted traffic. Our conversion rate is higher than all other products in this niche.

Below you'll find a bunch of banners and email swipes for you to use in your marketing. But feel free to make your own banners and write your own emails using text and images from the main sales letter. You have our permission to do so in your marketing efforts.


Tested Banners



Branded Banners











E-Book Image



Email Swipes

Affiliate Email #1


Affiliate Email #2


Affiliate Email #3



For PPCers,

A secret tip: There are certain ad networks that focus mainly on sites for women. An example is glam media. There are others too. Just a few Google searches will help. This will work very well.

Try Facebook for getting some cheap clicks. It works for many niches but I am not sure whether it works for breast enhancement niche or not.

Some sites at the adbrite network may work well for this. It is a matter of searching and finding some good pages where you can put up banners or text ads.

I didn't mention Adwords, Yahoo or Bing. You already know these.

PPC Keywords


Video Promotion:

This one will work great. It surely will. 

Use tubemogul to distribute your videos all over the video sharing sites.

Build a video around a keyword and write a paragraph where you can stuff various keywords in sentences. Don't spam. Make a presentation with text and pictures and distribute it free via


Article Marketing:

I'd instead suggest you to build your own site and SEO it. But you can still use article marketing. 

See Top Article Directories.


Then there's free blog hosts and web 2.0 sites such as squidoo, hubpages and others where you can submit.

Use Press Release for link building and traffic. Remember that every news item appears on first page of google for its keywords:

Press Release List for traffic and backlinks.


Feel free to email for any questions, comments, suggestions or just to let us know you're promoting.

I am constantly trying my best to improve the sales copy so as to increase the conversion ratio even more. I am also throwing organic traffic to this myself so put up some reviews to get some easy sales :)


To Your Success,

Joe & The FC Team




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